Whoops a Daisy Angel         

  Our Primary 3 Actors   




DSC 1184 400x266   DSC 1185 400x266  
   The Shepherds    The Wise Men who followed the bright Star  
  DSC 1186 400x266   DSC 1187 400x266  
   The Angels    The Sheep  
  DSC 1188 400x266   DSC 1189 400x266  
   Snowflakes    Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus  
  DSC 1191 400x266   DSC 1193 400x266  
   The Narrators    The Narrators  
   DSC 1195 400x266    DSC 1181 400x266  
   The Narrators   Well done - Primary 3   
   DSC 1151 400x266   DSC 1152 400x266  
   Our Primary 1 Choir    Our Primary 2 Musicians  



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