Head Teacher Mrs Noreen Black

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 Hi I'm Mrs Black.

This is my fourth year of being the Head Teacher of such a fantastic school. 

My vision for Blacklaw Primary School is a school where parents want to send their children, pupils want to learn and where teachers wish to teach.

I am very proud of my pupils and staff in their determination to ensure that the high standards, which are a feature of Blacklaw, are maintained and extended. 

Although my job keeps me extremely busy, I enjoy going to the movies, reading books and taking my dog for long walks.




Acting Depute Head Teacher Mrs Speirs
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Hi I'm Mrs Speirs.

I have been part of the fantastic Blacklaw team for over five years now and I just love working with all the pupils, parents and staff who are part of our school community.

Prior to becoming a teacher I studied Environmental Science and Outdoor Education, hence my passion for outdoor learning (and play) of any kind!

Although I don't have a lot of it, all of my spare time is spent playing with my two year old son and going on mini family adventures around Scotland.

If there is any advice that I try to live my life by, it would be that of Shakespeare: 'To thine own self be true'.


          Principal Teacher Mrs Gill Mercer
Mrs Mercer 

  Hi I am Mrs Mercer.

I am currently the P7 class teacher, with additional responsbilities in Blacklaw as Principal Teacher. I have a love of language, both English and French and hope to foster the same feeling among the pupils.  

                   Primary 1 Mrs F Scott
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Hi I am Mrs Scott.

This is my first year teaching at Blacklaw primary School and I'm glad to have joined the team. I really enjoy working with the infants as there is never a dull moment! Out of school I enjoy running and keeping fit.



            Primary 2/1 Mrs Strathearn
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Hi I'm Mrs Strathearn.

This is my sixth year at Blacklaw Primary Schoool. Wow!...where has the time gone?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Blacklaw, especially working within our active and busy infant department.

In addition to being a class teacher, I also have the responsibility of being Literacy Co-ordinator at Blacklaw.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family.


                     Primary 2  Mrs L McKie
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Hi I'm Mrs McKie.

This is my first year teaching in Blacklaw and so far I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the infant department.

Before beginning teaching, I studied Information Technology and still enjoy spending time on computers and use my knowledge to help teach the children in my class new and current skills.




                       Primary 3 Mrs D Henshaw
 Mrs Henshaw 300x250

 Hi I'm Mrs Henshaw.

This is my second year of teaching in Blacklaw Primary School. I enjoy teaching the enthusiastic children of Blacklaw Primary, especially within the infant department.

Prior to becomming a teacher, I studied textiles and fashion and in my spare time I like to design and make my own clothes.


               Primary 4/3 Mrs A Watson
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Hi I'm Mrs Watson.

I have been teaching at Blacklaw for over six years now and I absolutely love it! I am currently the P4/3 teacher and I have just returned from being on maternity leave.

Before becoming a teacher I used to work in a hotel, on a cruise ship and in a nursery. I soon realised my passion for teaching though and I am so grateful that I get to do my dream job everyday.

Outside of school I love to keep fit and spend time with my wee family.


         Primary 4 Miss J McKane
 Miss McKane 300x269

Hi, I'm Miss McKane.

This is my first tear teaching at Blacklaw Primary School but I have worked in the school now for around five years.

I am having a great time with my primary four class and I love being part of the Blacklaw team.  


             Primary 5 Mrs Y Hall
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 Hi, I am Mrs Hall.

I teach the lovely Primary 5's in room 7.

I have been at Blacklaw teaching for four years and I love it!


       Primary 6/5 Mrs M Milne
Ms Milne 300x262

 Hello, I'm Ms Milne.

I teacher Primary 6/5 and I have been at Blacklaw since 2010.



           Primary 6 Mr S. Williamson
 Mr Williamson 300x214

 Hi, I'm Mr Williamson and I currently teach P6 in Room 9.

I have been a teacher here since 2004 and I still enjoy teaching the great pupils of Blacklaw Primary.

I have a keen interest in all things ICT and spend a lot of time working (or playing) with computers.

In my spare time, I play guitar for a band, mostly at weekends in East Kilbride, Glasgow and around the West of Scotland.



  Class Contact Cover Mrs C Jamieson  
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  Class Contact Cover Mrs J Middleton
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           Class Teacher Miss K Munro
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                 Janitor Mr I Wilson
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  Support Staff Team Leader Mrs C Montgomery
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              Support Staff Mrs P Ruddy
 Mrs Ruddy 300x267

 Hello, I'm Mrs Ruddy,

I have worked in Blacklaw for fourteen years and I enjoy lots of variety in my job.

I enjoy running early in the morning, reading and going out for dinner! I love going on city breaks and I'm working my way through all the European cities in the world!  



                  Support Staff Mrs A Clark  
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           Support Staff Mrs K Dougans
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                Support Staff Mrs L Slevin
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       Support Staff Mrs C Cruickshank
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                Support Staff Mrs C Burt
 Mrs Burte 300x276  


            Support Staff Mrs A Higgins
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Head Teacher: Noreen Black


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